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ISBN: 978-1-57324-635-4


How to Raise a Husband: A Whole Bunch Of Ways to Build A Strong And Happy Marriage is a humorous self-help book that explores how couples raise each other in relationships. It is that bright light in the dark refrigerator of marital life. This is the truth that your mother could never tell you. This is the truth your married girlfriends warned you about in secret code that sounded something like, "Whew. Marriage.” This book’s unique approach (and never through man-bashing) uses the honesty of six experts (real wives) and one unifying voice (the author’s) to assist and entertain, all the while providing deep and valuable insight into the less-talked-about issues of marriage. From learning how to communicate honestly and effectively, to knowing the difference between compromising and compromising yourself, to when it's appropriate to wear your Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader uniform, How to Raise a Husband gives practical advice and encouragement that will unite women across the globe and restore freedom to the galaxay...


*This book is husband approved.


Editorial Reviews:

"How to Raise a Husband teaches the way to more love and harmony through the use of personal stories meant to inspire the reader. It's both fun to read and practical in the lessons it presents." --Jonathan Robinson, author of Communication Miracles for Couples and Find Happiness Now


"This book reads like the television series Friends. You grow to love the characters because you recognize yourself in them. The archetypes are funny, relatable, recognizable, and real. And even though I'd like to think of myself as 'a Sophie,' I am mostly 'a Christine.'" --Stephanie J. Block, star of Wicked and other Broadway hits, and Tony-nominated actress


"Get ready for some practical advice on topics you're likely to confront pre-"I do," like how to teach your boyfriend to come when you call, and post-nuptial, including how to take the raw material (a man) and turn him into a real husband (one who isn't ashamed of his "inner housekeeper"). Funny, witty, and wise, these women tell it like it is, with practical examples and lots of laughter." -Kristine Morris, Foreword Reviews


"Funny, brutally honest, and inspiring! And who knew? It turns out that my 'favorite person' is not the only one who is supposed to do the compromising in our marriage. (Although it might be a lifelong journey to decide who picks his socks up off the floor.) A great read!" --Robyn Okrant, author of Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk

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