Tonilyn Hornung

Tonilyn has always preferred writing in her room to playing kick-ball outside. She's been writing essays and articles for over 15 years and her humorous self-help book How to Raise a Husband was published for wives, husbands, and coffee tables everywhere.

Tonilyn has written over 200 essays on parenting and relationships and they've been seen in publications such as The Washington Post, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Elle, and Harper's Baazar. Her essays have gone viral, been talked about on The View, and she's been interviewed for numerous national TV and radio shows. Her articles have been featured on websites like She Knows, Romper,, Cafemom, Ravishly, The Mothership, Popsugar, Scary Mommy, Mommy Nearest, and many other parenting websites her husband has never heard of. She's a monthly contributor to and Today's Woman Magazine. 

Tonilyn graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music. She has performed in regional theaters across the country as well as a leading role in a First National Tour. Tonilyn is a working voice-over artist so when she gets bored she can write her own scripts and record them. She lives with her two smart Border Collies, one sassy kitty, one hamster, one supportive husband, one little boy, and never enough closet space. 

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